Free “Guru Kreator” Application: A Digital Teaching Innovation in Online Learning

In online teaching, digital applications have become one of the innovations needed by teachers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the presence of various digital applications can be a double-edged ‘blessing’; for the EdTech sector, these companies can experience an acceleration opportunity more rapidly than ever before. On the other hand, this pandemic situation has made teachers, students, and parents upskill themselves in digital literacy and get used to educational technology terms, such as Learning Management System, Game-based Learning, Hybrid Learning, Flipped Classroom, etc.

At the same time, educational problems in Indonesia that have been hidden for a long time are finally coming to the surface. There are some issue related to equal access to education and technology resources (according to a report published by the World Bank and UNICEF in 2020), such as:

  1. Access to education in urban and rural areas is unequal, leading to unequal quality of education. 
  2. Poor digital infrastructure, which limits connectivity and download speeds in remote areas
  3. Limited training available for teachers provided by Educational Technology (EdTech) in designing learning experiences.
  4. Lack of an effective professional development program for teachers in this rapidly changing situation.

“Guru Kreator Basic” Application: A Solution to Support Teachers in Online Learning

Considering these issues, Guru Kreator Basic (GK Basic) application presents to teachers as a digital support to teach online. As an Android-based application, GK Basic also contributes to the acceleration of digital transformation in education in Indonesia. Through this application, various teaching and lesson planning can help teachers including improving pedagogical skills.

What did they say about the benefits they have experienced after using the GK Basic?

Based on a survey conducted by the Paideia Educational Solutions research team, here are the following benefits experienced by users after using the GK Basic. There are 27 respondents who said that they have already utilized the features, and 43 respondents said that they have already known about the application.

The following advantages provided by the GK Basic application for its users include:

  • Accessible to teachers areas with limited internet connectivity (2G networks)
  • Provides facilities to empower teachers in lesson planning and creating assessments
  • Stimulates teachers to become ‘creators’ in designing holistic learner-focused lesson modules

The GK Basic application is available for Android users and can be downloaded here for free. The use of this application by educators is expected to be a small step towards accelerating the digital transformation of education in Indonesia.

Unleashing innovation in pursuing the Golden Generation 2045, 100 years of Indonesian independence!

Writer: Paideia Research Team

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