GK Basic

A learning design application for teachers with an analytics feature, Backward by Design approach, and a complete K13 curriculum database!

Android Application


Kurikulum 2013 (National Curriculum)

Kurikulum 2013 Learning Toolkit Database (Lesson Plan, Syllabus)

Curriculum planning

Analytics from teacher-acquired data

Online customer support

GK Enterprise

A Learning Management System to create a curriculum-based digital ecosystem, adaptable and effective for each main stakeholder of learning at school!

Web-based LMS

Teachers, students, principals, parents, staff, and other stakeholders at school

Kurikulum 2013, Kurikulum Merdeka, IB, Cambridge, as well as customized curriculum based on school’s uniqueness

Database for all varieties of curriculum toolkit

Curriculum planning, implementation, and evaluation

Whole-school aggregated data analytics from various perspectives

Online customer support, on-demand, and on-site


Guru Kreator Basic is a free Android-based app, designed to be used by individual teachers based on the national curriculum (Kurikulum 2013). Guru Kreator Enterprise is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) platform that runs with a subscription fee. It can flexibly accommodate all curriculum frameworks and is specifically designed to cater to one school/unit unique ecosystem (teachers, students, administrators, parents).  

To adopt Guru Kreator Enterprise for your school, click here.

In the Kreasiku (My Creation) feature, teachers can gain access to learning media databases like lesson plans, syllabus, and learning strategies (Kurikulum 2013) that can be remodified for teaching need purposes. With just a few clicks, teachers can produce learning media in printable pdf versions.

In the Kelasku (My Class) feature, teachers can implement their unit plans in a digital classroom where students are integrated through the use of Murid Kreatif app.

In the Relungku (My Thoughts) feature, teachers can share their creations and download other creations from teachers from all over Indonesia. Each learning media submission in Relungku will go through a curation process by the Paideia team prior to being released.

For more information, please check out Guru Kreator Basic.

By adopting Guru Kreator Enterprise, the learning process and school’s operation can be maximally implemented based on the school’s curriculum choice. The technology integration of digitalized processes as one holistic ecosystem at the school will optimize the roles and responsibilities of each related stakeholder.

For more information, please check out Guru Kreator Enterprise.

With our whole-school utilization service, Guru Kreator Enterprise is a web-based learning management system and school’s operation with a subscription fee. For a free Android application, you can download Guru Kreator Basic in Google Play through this link.

Guru Kreator Enterprise is a digitalized ecosystem designed for the whole school. Teachers cannot pay to access Guru Kreator Enterprise for personal uses.

Upon adopting Guru Kreator Enterprise, all school community members will receive training and guidance at the initial phase and during system implementation.

Both teachers and schools that adopt Guru Kreator Basic can learn how to use it by watching the tutorial videos available at Guru Kreator YouTube channel. Schools also have the option to request GK Basic Workshop service (free) by filling out the form at this link.

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