5 Practical Tips to Be A Creative Teacher

Who says only those who immerse in the field of arts could produce creativity?

Nevertheless, teachers as educators are also encouraged to be creative since they play significant roles in designing and leading the learning lesson. However, have you ever been struggling to put out your best as a creative teacher during the pandemic?

Kaufman and Gregoire, the psychologists and authors of Wired to Create, explained that creativity is not merely about innovating or creating artworks, but it is about living creatively in real life.

So how to get there? Let’s take a look at the tips!

  1. Develop Skills and Enrich Knowledge
    There are a variety of ways for teachers to keep exploring, looking for ideas, and enriching more knowledge during the pandemic. For instance, teachers may attend online webinars and workshops, read e-books, access the necessary information on social media, or take training courses. Moreover, teachers may also explore more about technological developments to support the learning process in class. Another example, teachers can look for references and fun learning activities from many videos available on YouTube.
  2. Discuss and Collaborate with Fellow Teachers
    Not only students, but teachers are also advised to collaborate, discuss, and share their experiences with other teachers. This will help teachers to get inspiration and knowledge from other teachers’ experiences. Expanding networks is significant for more professional self-development and the growth of creativity within oneself.
  3. Build and Practice Creativity
    Everyone has the potential to be creative, but creativity can be lost if it is not constantly practiced. There are several ways to practice creativity such as working on crossword puzzles, playing Scrabble, writing a story or poem, doodling, sketching, and other activities that require focus and creativity. By building creativity within oneself, teachers can be more critical and innovative in leading learning activities.
  4. Collect and Realize Creative Ideas
    Teachers are expected to explore more ideas in carrying out the learning process. When getting new insights, it is necessary for teachers to keep their discoveries in a manageable and safe place from books, discussions, or experiences. It is also highly recommended that teachers organize or write them as an archive to keep.
  5. Do Some Experiments and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Doing the same thing repeatedly will definitely lead to boredom! This problem also applies to teachers. When applying similar teaching methods repeatedly, students are likely to feel bored and less focused on learning. Therefore, teachers can do some experiments by implementing new creative methods that they have explored beforehand. Encourage yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do not limit yourself to trying new things.

    Those are some tips for teachers to build their creativity. Keep up the good work and always think positively to stay productive and creative!

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    Kaufman, Scott Barry Kaufman, Gregoire, Carolyn. 2015. Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind.

Writer: Bernadetta Astrid

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